The first thing that is cancelled usually is the subscriber's bank account if he/she passes on, when msecretlegacy.com's subscription deduction fail a reminder will be sent to your beneficiaries to remind them about the subscriber's profile on mysecretlegacy.com with their unlock key's.
Your subscription will go on for FREE and would not effect your Legacy to your loved ones. You only pay for a subscription while you are alive
We are taking as much preventative measures as possible against hacking, viruses and malware. We got the Strongest SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption available on the market as well as the website is fire walled and virus/malware protected by Siteguarding.com, it is also regularly scanned and updated to ensure any possible weaknesses is identified and rectified to ensure our customers have the safest possible portal available to them. Your security is My Secret Legacy.com's priority.
The client beneficiaries will trigger an unlock request to administration, admin will then start sending mails to the client as per his/ her required time frame as selected under the beneficiaries tab. The website will also be triggered by your subscription amounts if normal cancellation processes was not followed and if someone works through the client bank statements the monthly subscription will indicate "mysecretlegacy" as a deduction.
Yes, you can nominate any person as a beneficiary and restrict him/her only to view a specific document and also be informed if your other beneficiaries for some reason do not know about the person that needs to be communicated.
Admin can see the name of your documents in your profile but the website was designed that admin would not be able to see what is inside the content, so your content is very safe and admin is also very professional by handling all our client information securely and confidential.

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